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3005 Nathan St, Newton, NC 28658

86 customer reviews

Our goal is to provide you with the best service. If you have enjoyed working with us please let us know. And if there is anything we can do to make your experience better we would be pleased to receive that feedback as well.

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1 Week Ago
"My man friend has his stuff there!! Safe place to store to store things until you are ready to settle down in one place!"
~Alice Mills Dunbar
1 Week Ago
"5 stars"
~Michele Long
2 Weeks Ago
"alot of storage"
~Evan Owenby
2 Months Ago
"This is a good place for storage"
~Oranna Day
3 Months Ago
"5 stars"
~Lee Jamison
3 Months Ago
"Very accommodating, never have an issue with my storage experience"
~Paul Roderick
6 Months Ago
"The staff is friendly and helpful. I love the convenience of the location and gated security."
~Ann Canipe
6 Months Ago
"Great staff"
~Reon McIlwain
6 Months Ago
"The staff have always been very courteous and helpful from the first time I walked through their door in 2015. Anyone looking for a storage unit should use First USA Storage."
~Jessicacnbxcdfvhfbdfhgfghr Matthews Fiji bio look
6 Months Ago
"Great place, great staff!"
~Katherine Gregory