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560 Tiny Town Rd, Clarksville, TN 37042

43 customer reviews

Our goal is to provide you with the best service. If you have enjoyed working with us please let us know. And if there is anything we can do to make your experience better we would be pleased to receive that feedback as well.

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2 Months Ago
"5 stars"
3 Months Ago
"The girl working the front desk was very nice and pleasant. She ran different options to see which route would be the best for my situation. After we had the storage unit all taken care of she did some extra work so I could return the U-Haul trailer to their location instead of the Wilma Rudolph location that was in the contract. She made the process easy and quick with no hassle or issues. They had a first 3 months deal going on which saved me a bunch of money."
~Derek Quackenbush
3 Months Ago
"I know the storage unit is closed right now as of business wise but is the gate open 7 days a week?"
~Jennifer Torres-Rodas
4 Months Ago
"The receptionist was very rude to me when I told her that we were from out of town but we ONLY needed 1 month; and I also told her that we were interested in the 10×18 storage unit because when I called to make a reservation... Francesca said that EVEN THO it said it was a 3 MONTH deal that I could do a 1 MONTH DEAL ... NO PROBLEM! But then the receptionist REFUSED TO HONOR THE PRICE N DEAL THAT I WAS QUOTED!! Plus, she started to work with another customer instead of us when she started our info in the computer. How rude can ya be! We'll never go there again!!!"
~Rebeka Schleyer aka SexyTalented
5 Months Ago
"The guy is very professional and made getting the unit was quick and easy."
~Bryant .Collins
6 Months Ago
"Clean facilities! Great location! Friendly and helpful staff!"
~Chantel Sanders
6 Months Ago
"The staff is very helpful and friendly. They let me check out the unit beforehand as well. Reasonable prices and convenient location if you live on Tiny Town."
~Declan Harris
7 Months Ago
"Personnel were friendly and very helpful. Great place to do business with."
~Donald King
8 Months Ago
"Very friendly they help me to get a place. Thank you"
~Shirley Sexton
9 Months Ago
"Quick and easy U-haul rental with helpful management."
~Joshua Gillies